Turbo IT Solutions tailors right technologies for your needs and offers Managed IT Service to make sure your small business grow on solid foundation.


What Our Clients say

“When we encounter network problems, none of us have any idea of what to do; we just call Turbo IT Solutions. There was one time when our system was down, they came here in one hour and after one hour’s work, they got our systems back up and running.”


“Turbo IT Solutions help with everything from coordinating a new office set up like ours, to solving IT network issues. We are always happy to have him visit our team as we really enjoy working with him.”

Metrotower Office Complex

"Our last telephone, serviced by a major provider, had major signal problems; We often couldn't hear customers, it's frustrating, especially when we are busy. Turbo IT Solutions offered a different telephone setup, the problem was resolved right away. Having a "working" telephone makes a huge difference. The new phone service is more affordable too."

La Mezcaleria

Turbo IT has managed our IP Phone system for over one year now and I find their service is excellent. Response times are quick and solutions to issues are resolved as fast as possible. The team are experienced, courteous and willing to spend the time to ensure systems are operating as they should.

Cloverdale Cold Storage

The team behind Turbo IT Solutions is exceptional, both in knowledge, troubleshooting and swift service to clients. We have relied on Turbo IT Solutions team throughout the past year - and they have always given us the best possible solutions and options.  Highly recommend!

Sunocean Wineries

Our staff were having difficulty maintaining access to the Internet, as well as to our local server.  This issue had gone on for months despite our attempts to resolve it. It was really affecting productivity in the office, so I called Turbo IT Solutions.

The technician identified the root cause in 15 minutes, which was the extra router we added it to expand wired connections. After that router was programed to work as a switch, the issue was resolved. What a relief!  

I highly recommend Turbo IT Solutions for their fast and professional service.


What About IT For Small Businesses

Small businesses often are frugal with spending on IT. However, the cost caused by IT downtime can be staggering. A study by a US organization in 2015 shows that IT downtime can cost small businesses up to $427 per minute.

IT professionals can’t guarantee your IT services are always up but their proactive works minimize the odds of failure. When failures do occur, their knowledge and experience make sure your IT services are restored in a timely fashion.