Turbo Overview

Turbo IT Solutions believes in finding the solution that best fits you. Our IT support specialists provide enterprise telephone solutions, as well as IT services including: 

Network infrastructure
– Computer & Devices installation
– Cloud Solutions
– Network security, & more

Turbo IT Solutions - What We Do

System Consultation

We come to your business for a high-level discussion in order to establish what your specific needs are.


System Implementation

Working closely with your IT resources, we implement the systems you need to run an effective business.

Managed IT Services

We continuously monitor your network, so when problems arise, we are proactive instead of reactive.

Turbo IT Solutions is for your small business

With capable and caring staff, you can leave your IT infrastructure to us to focus on your growing business. Just like our name implies, we’re all about giving your business a jump start quickly and efficiently.


We deliver fast results because we believe in your business growth.

Some of Our Clients

Companies & Areas


Sunnyland Group





Metro Tower I & II  Admin. Office



Cold Storage

Cloverdale Cold  Storage LTD.




North Vancouver


La Mezcaleria



“Turbo IT Solutions and Jonathan help with everything from coordinating a new office set up like ours, to solving IT network issues. We are always happy to have him visit our team as we really enjoy working with him.”

Metrotower Office Complex

“When we encounter network problems, none of us have any idea of what to do; we just call Turbo IT Solutions. There was one time when our system was down, they came here in one hour and after one hour’s work, they got our systems back up and running.”


"Our last telephone, serviced by a major provider, had major signal problems; We often couldn't hear customers, it's frustrating especially when we were busy. Turbo IT Solutions offered a different telephone setup, the problem was resolved right away. Having a "working" telephone makes a huge difference. The new phone service is more affordable too."

La Mezcaleria

“The IT experts at Turbo IT Solutions have wonderful personalities. They are true professionals and comfortable to work with.”

Gabby Communications International inc.

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