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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  What is Mobile Device Management?   Mobile device management (MDM) is the administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. MDM is typically installed with the help of a third-party product that includes management features for certain mobile device makers. MDM

Microsoft 365 Defender

  The holiday season is coming up and the cyber-attack threat is increasing. It’s not hard to understand that the average person can fall into a phishing attack during the holidays. For example, when you receive a “Merry Christmas” email or a seasonal discount offer.

Microsoft Secure Score

  What is Microsoft Secure Score? The Microsoft Secure Score is a measure of an organization’s overall security posture. It can be found in the Security Portal of Microsoft 365. The Secure Score recommendations can help organizations protect themselves from threats. They can also monitor

5 Biggest Questions About Windows 11 Answered

Microsoft’s latest operating system is starting to take the world by storm. But before jumping ship and upgrading to the new OS, better read this first. It’s finally here. After six years, Microsoft has just released the latest version of its operating system — Windows

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

  What is Business Continuity Plan? BCP (Business Continuity Plan) refers to the procedure for a business and employees to keep in touch and continue work in the event of a disaster or emergency such as a fire at the workplace. However, many companies do

Introduction of Cybersecurity Framework

  What is Cybersecurity Framework and why do you need it? A cybersecurity framework is a framework defined by security policies and procedures for the purpose of strengthening an organization’s cybersecurity system. Through this, a standard process for security work that can be shared by

Duo Authentication for Windows Logon and RDP

  Why 2FA is needed for windows logon? Today, there are a lot of cyber-attack attempts and threats from hackers. Most businesses use computers for their work and it is critical to keep your computers and data safe. You can add a duo security product

Cybersecurity and Small Businesses

Cybersecurity and Small Businesses The record-high cyber attack earlier this month on a major IT management software company, with a ransom of US $70 million dollars, brought cybercrimes to a new height. Cybersecurity has never been a burning issue for small businesses like it is

5 Useful Tips for MS Word

  What is MS word and how can you utilize it well? MS Word is the most used program for document editing in the world. Basically, you don’t need to learn much about how to create and edit documents, it’s simple. In this post, I

A brief introduction of Google Workspace

  What is Google Workspace? Google Workspace, formerly called G Suite, is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google. This service has a lot of features to support your business, such as a customized business