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“Turbo IT Solutions and Jonathan help with everything from coordinating a new office set up like ours, to solving IT network issues. We are always happy to have him visit our team as we really enjoy working with him.” 

Metrotower Office Complex

“When we encounter network problems, none of us have any idea of what to do; we just call  Turbo IT Solutions. There was one time when our system was down, they came here in one hour and after one hour’s work, they got our systems back up and running.”


“Our last telephone, serviced by a major provider, had major signal problems; We often couldn’t hear customers, it’s frustrating especially when we were busy. Turbo IT Solutions offered a different telephone setup, the problem was resolved right away. Having a “working” telephone makes a huge difference. The new phone service is more affordable too.” 

 La Mezcaleria

“The IT experts at Turbo IT Solutions have wonderful personalities. They are true professionals and comfortable to work with.”

Gabby Communications International inc.
  • Consultation to discuss IT problems
  • We can meet you wherever it is convenient
  • Able to offer different solutions
  • Offers setup or fixes with computers, devices, networks, and office telephones
  • Customized solutions for your business needs
  •  Sets up entirely new IT systems
  • Review current IT systems and find the solutions for existing issues

Turbo IT Solutions

Mission Statement:

“We Turbocharge your business growth with innovative technologies.”

Founded in 2015.

We focus on overall customer value.

Your business growth matters to us.

Turbo History

In 2015, the IT industry was experiencing exponential growth. Customers were demanding more flexibility out of their IT departments.  New tech was rapidly being made, along with a lot of new startups. 2015 marked a change in the IT industry, with lots of new competition, and a shift in customer expectations.

Having worked with a few major IT service providers, Jonathan Yue noticed this change in the market – customers didn’t get the proper attention they needed. Often in the IT industry, there is a lack of communication, with this in mind, Jonathan started Turbo IT Solutions to bring a sense of mutual connectivity back into the industry.

With our experienced team of experts, you can leave your IT infrastructure in our hands, so you can focus on your growing business.


At Turbo IT Solutions, we believe in:

  • Better communication and better service for small businesses
  • We want to solve your IT problems quickly & effectively so that you can run your business smoothly.
  • We’re a small business who wants to help other small companies. We want a tight nit community that we can rely on.

With our experienced team of experts, you can leave your IT infrastructure in our hands, so you can focus on your growing business.



Jonathan Yue – Founder, Network Engineer

With 12 years in the technology industry, Jonathan has extensive knowledge of IT infrastructures. He has always believed in putting the needs of clients first; which, is what inspired him to start Turbo IT Solutions. He also believes in effective & efficient services, and arriving to the aid of clients as quickly as possible. He truly believes that a client’s problem is also his problem and he can surely find the proper fix.


Continuous check-ins on your IT network.

Proactive instead of reactive.

Resolving issues when they arise.

Monitoring your IT system, so you don’t have to.