About IT Consultant

Who we are?

We are a group of IT specialists who support small businesses while they grow. We make sure Technologies are servicing businesses, not the other way around.

We take proactive approach to manage IT systems; proactive maintenance reduces chances of failures and promotes productivity generally.

When issues do occur, we respond and fix issues quickly. We communicate with clients through the process; we follow up with clients diligently.

Who we are not?

We are not a computer repair store. When diagnosing hardware issues, we are mindful with the time it takes. When we determine it’s better to replace a failed hardware, we do propose so to our clients. Clients’ IT downtime are costly. We believe that it’s the clients’ best interest to get IT devices back to work quickly. 

We’re not a simple Technologies broker. Before we propose any IT solutions, we learn about your business goals and challenges. The choice of technologies is endless, only those that support your business operation, better yet, turbocharge your business, are the ones that you need, and the ones we’d deploy for you.

IT Solutions

How we got started

We noticed a common phenomenon in IT service industry – customers don’t get enough attentions they need – Issues last forever, update from technicians are rare, they often felt helpless. Business owners need to know that their IT are in good hands, they want a peace of mind. 

We founded Turbo IT Solutions with one goal – we solely operate with clients’ goals in mind. Why do you need this hardware or that software? If we propose a system, that is because it helps your business, ultimately you make money out of the investment. 

Where we are

We are local company. Our office is in the downtown of Vancouver BC. All our technologists are local.

We visit our clients regularly although most maintenance and support are done remotely. We sometimes visit clients just to say hello as our relationship with clients are critical.

Our typical clients

Located in Lower Mainland of Canada

Small businesses with 5 to 50 computer users

Want complex IT issues off their hands

Their industries include but not limited to:
Accounting firm, Investment company, warehouse, Construction, Internet company, Property management, Medical practice, Architect firms, Legal firm, winery, Non-Profit.