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Alignable: Essentials for Small Businesses


As a small business, it can be hard to find the connections you need in order to succeed in the marketplace. Telemarketing and cold calls are no longer as effective as they once were. So how do you find a place to meet other small businesses with the same values as yours?

Alignable is a social network that became public in 2014, with the idea of once again connecting with businesses that are on the same street as you. Since then Alignable has expanded to have millions of business owners use the platform.





Why Alignable?

Alignable has a few features that make it quite different than other business networks. Firstly, it bases all your connections on your geographical profile. Once you set up your profile, Alignable recommends other small businesses in your immediate area.

A great feature Alignable has is the My Community tab. Here businesses can communicate and get answers they’re looking for. It works like a forum. Anybody can ask a question, and then other businesses can answer those questions. You can also set up promotions or events on your profile. Once you post a promotion or event, your network gets notified so they can see what you’re up to.

Another feature of Alignable is its recommendation system. When businesses work together, they can give recommendations. The more recommendations you receive, the easier and more searchable your company becomes.








Tips & Tricks

So now that you know the basics of Alignable, how do you succeed on it? Network network network. On social media, numbers are the first thing people judge. If they go to your profile and see that you have 1 connection, they are very unlikely to work with you. So in order to gain trust, you have a couple of options. On Alignable there is an option to import your Linkedin connections. If you have a successful Linkedin, it can be beneficial to transfer those connections over to Alignable. Another way to get connections is through sending invites to your contacts. By convincing your contacts to join, you can start to develop a network online.

Another way to succeed on Alignable is to define what industry you’re in, and also define what industries you’re looking for. If a company is looking for IT help, for example, they can search for companies that specialize in IT on Alignable. On your homepage, there is a section called “Business Tags”. These essentially are search words that people look up when searching for business solutions or connections. By putting relevant words that have to do with your industry, companies are more likely to find you and connect with you.

The final step to utilizing Alignable is engaging in the community. Go to the questions section of Alignable and provide valuable answers for these small businesses. Also when you make a new connection with someone, message them! When you message a potential prospect online, don’t make it sound like a sale. Have a conversation, learn about their company, and build a relationship.









With all these tips, we hope that you can take the first steps to building a better network in your community.  If you would like to collaborate with our IT expertise, or learn more about what we do, visit our social media and website below! We hope through this blog that we have inspired you to make your business better!

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