Business Phone

Our phone service is hosted in the cloud. With servers deployed in multiple locations across North America, mature VoIP technologies, our phone service is reliable as the industry can offer.

Some features:

  • Simplified plans. Unlimited National Calling, unlimited North American Calling. Talk with your customers as long as necessary, without worrying about costs on phone calls.
  • Our phone service plans are based on user rather than lines. A user can get multiple calls, put some on hold, switch between the calls, there’s no extra charge for this.
  • Keep Your Number. In most cases, your current phone numbers can be kept, we simply migrate (port) them from your current carrier, all is needed is your recent phone bill. Both local and toll-free telephone numbers can be ported.
  • Professional Greeting. professional greeting boost business image. With our technologies, greetings, work hours, holidays can be changed as needed quickly
  • Seamless support to multiple locations. It doesn’t matter if users physically are in different branches, or even working from home. Simply call the coworkers via internal extension.
  • Voicemail to Email. Voicemail can be emailed as audio attachments in your inbox. With email on smartphones, you literally get voicemail anywhere.
  • Busy Lamp Field. Not sure if your colleague is on the phone while you are about to call her? With the feature, your phone can tell you if her phone is busy or idle. 
  • Follow Me. Don’t want to miss calls? We can program your desk phone so that incoming calls are sent to your cell phone, if the calls are not answered after a certain amount of rings.
  • Basic features that need no explanation: caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, call parking, call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Music On Hold, conference call, voicemail