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Cloud Services have become a key part of IT infrastructure for modern businesses. For small businesses, Cloud Services likely are the bigger portion compared with on-premises IT. 

The prosperity of Cloud Services is a natural evolution. The traditional way to set up IT generally takes a long time; the maintenance is complex and expensive. With Cloud, your services can be set up in as soon as hours. Since the servers are in the “Cloud”, the Cloud service providers have the responsibilities to manage servers.

What do we help on Cloud Services? We set them up for you. Although some services are easy to set up, the majority still require intensive IT knowledge to set up. For example, we set up email services for clients, primarily Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. Some clients set them up before they retained us as IT partner. We often find out the domain settings are not proper, that explained why they encountered spam issue.

Although servers are maintained by cloud providers, the daily management of cloud services are still a challenging task. Cloud providers change the services all the time, that’d affect users’ experience. An example is the Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA) with Office 365. After Microsoft introduced this feature, it took us tremendous time to figure out the licensing requirements and the integration process with 3rd party hardware tokens. We had to talk with vendors back and forth.

When we manage Cloud Services for you, you no longer need to deal with Cloud service providers constant change. Technologies simply just work for you.

The most popular Cloud services we offer to our clients:

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Azure;
  • Google G Suite;
  • Cloud backup, we currently work with a few vendors, however we can support more vendors based on clients’ needs.