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Digitize Your Business Cards


Business Card Apps

As a business owner or executive, you may collect business cards often. How do you manage those cards? Do they sit somewhere in your office, when you need them, you can’t reach them (as you’re out of office)?

We are embracing a Digital Revolution – we’ve digitized pen and paper, of course, we can digitize our business cards.

There are a few choices for business card scanners on the market nowadays, paid and free. Cost aside, how good they are? your mileage may vary. I’m introducing one reliable process, it’s straightforward and even better, you don’t even pay!

1. Install the Microsoft Office Lens app on your Android phone or iPhone.

2. Launch the app, choose “Business Card” at the bottom. Align the business card, then shoot the picture.

3. The app will process the raw picture, and crop accordingly. the boundary can be adjusted manually if it’s not recognized properly by the app.

Now it looks neat, doesn’t it?

4. You could just save the picture and warp up. But doesn’t this sound like half-cooked? how about the actual information on the card, who wants to do the manuscript?

5. Now export the card to OneNote – register one if you don’t have it yet, Microsoft doesn’t charge on basic OneNote subscription, and basic one is enough for this purpose.

6. Open OneNote app, or browse OneNote site on the computer, you’ll see this:

Isn’t it beautiful? The app did the manuscript for us with OCR (optical character recognition) technologies!

7. Double-check and make corrections if needed. As you see, in the example, the 1st and 2nd lines need a bit cleaning up. I wouldn’t complain!

8. The Vcards at the bottom of contact info (above the attached picture) can be shared to others if you want.

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