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Domain Name

Your company name is important to your business. So is your domain name! 

A domain name is an ID of your business on the Internet. One popular use is website. Your website must have an IP address, which is a series of digits, they digits are long, hard to remember and are meaningless. With a domain name, such as, the benefit is self-explained.

Another common use of domain name is business email service, refer to this blog of ours.


Where to buy a domain?

There are a lot of popular domain registrars. Some of the larger domain providers can even help you buy the ones that are bought by someone else or already being used. Choosing a reliable domain provider can also ensure that your website will not be exposed to a high risk of cyber-attack and experiencing longer loading time. 

Here are some popular domain registrars


The cost of domain name really depends on your domain name. If you go with some common name such as hockeystore, it can start from $17 per year to about $90 per year depending on the choice of TLD (Top-level domain, such as .com and .org).

Here are some references on Google Domains and Shopify with the domain, hockeystore.


Domain Cost at Google
Domain Cost at Shopify


Domain Name Transferring

If you want to leave your current domain registrar, you can transfer your domain to a new registrar. Every domain registrar has different system to manage the transfer, but the major processes are the same. 

Before transferring your domain, you should verify some information:

  1. Is your domain eligible for transfer?
  2. Is your contact information up to date on the current registrar?

The following are the general steps for transferring a domain.

  1. Unlock your domain on the current registrar for transferring.
  2. Ensure that the new registrar has the correct contact information.
  3. Acquire a transfer authorization code to initiate the transfer on the new registrar.
  4. Authorize the transfer on your old registrar.
  5. Pay for the new domain registrar. Usually, the transfer is free when signing up with the new registrar.

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