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Hi – I’m Jonathan Yue – I’ve been helping businesses in Vancouver with their IT for many years and I know the pain that can be felt when IT issues crop up.

I’m here to help. 

If you need some immediate assistance – it’s best to call. You can reach me on 604-757-9823. Alternatively, you can book a meeting with me or drop me a line using the boxes below.

“Jonathan is very timely – he always shows up quickly.”

Natalie Bishop,
Metrotower complex
Jonathan Yue sat at desk

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    As small business owner, do you lose sleep, worrying that your business may shut down when (not if) hit by ransomware? Cybersecurity is critical to businesses today, without taking care of it, your business is at mercy of cybercrimes. Check out the Cybersecurity Essential eBook we tailored for small businesses. It will be emailed to you.