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Is your IT Infrastructure Still Optimal for your Business?


Dealing with IT problems can take a hit to productivity. As an owner you already have a lot to worry about, and adding on IT problems to that can be quite hectic for business. Without a good IT infrastructure, your business suffers. With this guide, we hope to help you know when your IT infrastructure needs to be replaced.


Downtime is one of the easiest ways to tell that your systems need a replacement. As your servers get more used, they have to work harder to keep up. Downtime may come from a variety of problems such as poorly timed upgrades. If you add servers in a randomized manner, it may give you better performance at the time, but over time it will wear out very quickly.


Physical Signs

Another easy way to tell that your IT infrastructure needs to be replaced is by the physical signs it puts off. If you can hear your IT systems from across the room, you know they’re running poorly. CPUs running warm also is a bad sign. These signs could come from broken parts inside your infrastructure, or just use over time. It’s recommended to replace your IT systems every 5-6 years to keep them optimal.


Compatibility Issues

Your new programs should be compatible with your IT systems. If you find that a lot of the updates are not compatible with your CPUs, it must be time to upgrade. If you find the IT system itself also hasn’t received upgrades in a long time, it might be time to upgrade.

Security Risks

New viruses and hackers appear daily. With newer systems, they have the defence systems in place to take care of cyber attacks. If your IT system is older, it’s not going to be getting the updates it needs. That puts all your important information in potential jeopardy.

Frustrated Users

Technology is a big part of how business is done in today’s market. If you notice your employees can’t accomplish as much as they used to, it may be time to upgrade your infrastructure. Through a new system, your employees will not only be happier but they’ll be able to get more done every day. Even if that increase is small, it’s very worth it in the long run.

With these tips in mind, we hope that this guide has helped you decide if your IT infrastructure needs a remodeling. If you would like more tips for your business, read our other blogs, or find us below on social media!

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