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Your Virtual IT department

Serving Vancouver-based
businesses since 2015.

Your virtual it department

You run your business.
We run your IT.

Avoid the hassle of hiring your own IT team, outsource your IT Support to us.
Focus on what you're good at. Allow us to do what we're good at.

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Peace of mind services

Included within our Virtual IT dept service

Helpdesk services

Helpdesk services

Users submit technical requests or report IT issues via an online portal, email or phone calls.
We create tickets ... and priorotise. Your requests are processed and most importantly, your issues get resolved in a timely way.

Cloud service management

Cloud service management

Cloud services refer to IT infrastructure or software that are hosted by service providers and are accessed by users via the internet. Microsoft 365 (previously know as Office 365), website hosting, and online storage services are examples. Cloud Services are easy to set up, the cost of initial setup is low, and it’s easy to scale.

Back up and recovery

Back up and recovery

Disasters do happen.
Data loss can't be quantified purely financially. In so many circumstances it's so much more than that.
Having a backup and recovery strategy is a must for all businesses, big or small. We can help you to do this and test it regularly too.

Cyber security services

Cyber security services

Because this is a critical area, which needs to be looked after with a dedicated focus. Computers and networks are hacked every minute around the world and small business needs to be vigilant and take action to protect their data and IT assets. We provide this protection for our clients and take the headache away.

Systems admin

Systems admin

A small business network contains at least a router, perhaps servers, switches. computers and often other IT devices too.
These devices require routine check-up , patching and upgrades. Such devices are complex and demand dedicated IT knowledge. Through our experience over many years, we're here to help you remove the complexities.

Data storage

Data storage

How your data, such as files, and documents are stored, is a critical component of your IT infrastructure. In the past, data would have been stored on file services. Today, cloud storage is the popular choice. Both options have pros and cons.
Which one suits your business? That calls for a discussion with IT professionals - just like us.
Let us help you to make your data accessible and secure.

Keeping Vancouver businesses running
every day of the week

We all know that an ineffective IT system is bad for your bottom line, but what’s often worse is the damage done to your brand. If up until now you’ve carried out all of your own IT work, there is a better solution – get your IT outsourced to a capable Managed Services Provider. Let us manage your IT so you can get back to more important things – like growing your business.

We’re in charge of everything IT

Say goodbye to figuring everything out on your own and spending hours researching online. The next time you have a an IT issue, why not get in touch and one of our happy technicians will offer their advice.

We create better systems

When we design and build your infrastructure, you will experience significantly less problems than you had before. And the really good news? Should new issues occur, we will resolve them in significantly less time, as we’re in control of your services.

We will proactively monitor your IT

Everything that your system requires to stay up to date, including regular site visits, routine check-ins with your team, and technical training (as required) will be calendarized and reviewed accordingly.

A better IT experience

If you are a small business owner and are dissatisfied with your current IT experience we have good news – we’re here to solve that problem. We believe that every small business owner in Greater Vancouver deserves an IT solutions provider that delivers great results. This requires a team dedicated to creating and maintaining your IT infrastructure. That’s us!

Custom designed IT

If you are consistently experiencing issues in an area of your IT system, it’s likely because something wasn’t set up correctly. We always take the time to understand the complexities of your IT system and design a custom solution to improve it.

Proactive solutions

We are committed to not only fixing problems as they arise but to providing IT solutions which address problems before they occur. Each of our clients receive a calendarized IT plan detailing our recommendations for next steps, to ensure all systems remain effective and up to date.

Have a challenge? Need some IT help?
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