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IT Policy

Do you have an IT policy at your workplace? It’s not only nice to have, it’s critical. Without it, the staff don’t have a guide on what they can or can’t do.

How to compose such policy? Law, obviously plays a big part, your IT policy has to comply with legal requirements. The next, your business needs and company culture, this needs no explanation. Then come Technologies.

Here are a few points to get you thinking.


Email ownership

Make it clear that the work emails are company property. The management have access to work emails. Don’t use work email address for personal use.


Social Media

Depending on the role, some staff need to access Social Media often, such as marketing personnel, others may not so. Do you allow staff to watch a harmless short YouTube video during coffee break? Well, it’s up to the management to tune up the use of social media, put a limit on it.


IT devices

Computers, tablets, smartphones are work tools, they belong to the company. They should be used solely for work. The company can take them back anytime.


Personal devices

Do you allow staff to use personal devices, such as smartphone and laptop in office? if so, how? You want to balance the courtesy/convenience and security. One way to do it is to allow them to connect to Guest WiFi network.


Internet use

Can a staff download a movie on her laptop so that she can watch it at home, although download happens in the background, requires little of her time and attention? Theoretically she should not, however it is up to the management to decide.



No staff should download and install software themselves. Leave that part to professional technicians.



Can staff use USB key or external USB hard drive? I strongly discourage this. Use other methods to exchange documents.

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