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Microsoft Teams for your Business


Recently you may have noticed some changes to Office 365. Microsoft debuted a new feature last year called Microsoft Teams, which looks to be a new communication platform for your company. With Microsoft getting rid of Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams will be the new way to reach your peers. With Slack’s recent bugs, you may be reluctant to keep using it as a platform. With this guide, we hope to show you how to best utilize Microsoft Teams for your office.

Since Microsoft Teams is a part of the Office 365 package, it is more than a communication tool. Microsoft Teams allows for group chats as well as private messages between team members, bringing a better flow of communication to your workplace. You can also easily switch to video chat within Microsoft Teams, so if you need to show something to your team, or get a point across, it’s easier to do. As you all may know, Office 365 boosts collaboration. With Microsoft Teams being a part of Office 365, your team can easily work together and make changes to projects on the fly.








The biggest benefit to Microsoft Teams is the fact that everything is in one place. Although there are a lot of competitors for streamlined chats (Slack), they do not boast the ability to create or share documents, as well as video chat, and email capabilities. Microsoft Teams is part of an all in one platform, which creates better productivity for your business.

As Microsoft Teams is beginning to grow, Microsoft gave a peek into what its plans for the future are. One of the features is cloud recording, which can take the video and audio chats you have with your teammates and store them in the cloud. This will be beneficial for many businesses, as there will no longer be an excuse for forgetting key points from meetings. These recordings will also have timestamps, so if there is a specific time you have to go to, it will be easy to find.








Although Microsoft does have various other ways of communicating with teams, like email and Yammer, Teams seems to be focused on tight-knit conversations. Teams will be effective in bringing better communications between departments in a business, or just making sure that your communications align with what the rest of your peers believe.

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