IT Services Vancouver

Network Deployment

Although On-Premises IT infrastructures have become smaller, because of the popularity of Cloud Services, businesses still need IT devices running in the offices, such as:

  • computers and printers, of course;
  • switches and Access Points to provide wired and wireless connections respectively;
  • router to connect local network to Internet;
  • better yet, a firewall to secure local network from outside attacks;
  • some businesses run storage servers in offices rather than Cloud storage;
  • some businesses run certain application servers in office;
  • modern business phones are network based, known as VoIP phones.

We deploy all these devices, and more.

These devices are closest to the users’ reach, if deployed improperly, users will encounter issues during daily use.

Out strength here is that we do everything possible to deploy network on time and on budget. In reality all sorts of challenges might arise during IT deployment, hardware failure, software issues, inventory shortage, etc. 

  • Our diligent communications with clients, vendors and 3rd party contractors make sure delays are minimized.
  • If out of scope work must be done, we communicate with all involved parties, get client’s approval before proceeding.