You encounter IT issues from time to time, and are able to fix them after intensive online research. However, IT has been draining your time. So you pick up the phone, “Turbo IT Solutions, can you help me?” Alternatively you might submit a request on our website.

Our senior technologist would have a phone conversation with you, we’ll get a big picture about your business and your IT infrastructure.

We’ll then visit your office to meet you person, and understand your business better. We’ll take a tour of your in house IT infrastructure. Optionally we may talk with a few staffs to learn about their experience.

We may visit once again to conduct a Network and Security assessment.

We then provide you a proposal on improvements.

After discussions and adjustments, then your approval, we prepare and implement the one-off project to improvement your I.T.

When the project is delivered, all goals are achieved, you are happy. Now we’d discuss the ongoing I.T. management and support. All systems should be maintained regularly – performances need to be monitored, changes need to be made sometimes, issues need to be fixed when they arise.

You could hire one in-house I.T. technician to support all your IT systems. Cost aside, the in-house I.T. technician lacks support himself, he may not have experience to resolve critical issues in a timely fashion. When Turbo IT Solutions looks after your IT systems, a team of experienced IT specialists are helping your business. And the cost might be just a fraction of your in-house I.T. technician.

IT Solution Process