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Prepare your Technologies to Work From Home

Due to coronavirus outbreak, a lot of employers encourage their employees to work from home if possible. The employers may concern how to maintain the productivity while allow remote work. Here are some tech tips you can prepare your employee to work from home without sacrificing productivity or minimizing the impacts on the business operations.



Unless there’re particular reasons to oppose – such as legal obligations, we encourage small businesses to leverage Cloud based IT services. A few examples are email, backup, accounting software and storage. With Cloud solution, you can work anywhere, there’s no difference between “office” and “home”.



Ideally, the staff should use the company computer (laptop) at home. In some situations, the staff may have to use personal computers to do the work. However, it can make the IT support slightly tricky and the decision on using personal computers for work will have to be made between the company and staff.



If you have to access any work documents stored in the office’s network or on your work desktop computer, VPN (Virtual Private Network) should be used for establishing a securely reliable connection from home to work.


Remote Desktop

There are some occasions that your employees need to use some specialized applications for their daily tasks, such as accounting software, developing tools and etc.. Usually, all these software programs are only installed on work computers.

Combining the use of VPN and remote desktop connection, the users can log into their work computers and use the programs they use in the office. Some of the most recommended remote desktop programs are Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft Windows and RealVNC for connecting to Windows, Mac, and Linux.



Desk phone

If your work is customer-centric and requires to use phone to communicate with clients. You can simply enable the call forwarding on the desk phone to the cellphone. If the desk phones are supported by some VoIP phone systems, the automatic forwarding, Follow Me, can be set up by your system administrator too.

In some cases, the staff may not have work cellphones or the cellphones are not suitable to handle the volume of the calls or perform any help desk call forwarding tasks. Taking the desk phone home is an option if the phone system is a cloud based VoIP phone system. Turbo IT provides industry standard VoIP phone system which allows users to take the desk phones home to use and most of the cases are plug & play.


Most Email services are cloud based now, there shouldn’t be any issues.


You may have been using some sort of tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, all Cloud services.

Video / audio conferencing

Your phone system might already have call conferencing capability. For Video conferencing, choices include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.

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