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Review Third-party apps

Today we are in a world of connection and sharing. The Internet services we use daily can connect to each other, that’s of course, with our permission. This is often achieved by Connecting 3rd Party Apps. While this is a great feature, potential security risks are posed. Some 3rd party apps may not be used anymore, and you forgot to disconnect the connection. If that app is compromised, it opens a backdoor to access your information.

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What can be done to alleviate the risks?

Review 3rd party apps regularly!

All services should provide a way to remove the connection. We’ll show 2 examples here.


Google G Suite

  1. On the top right corner, click the icon that represents your account, then “Manage Your Google Account”. Alternatively, you can go to this link directly:;
  2. In the navigation area in the left, click Security;
  3. In the main area, find a block titled “Third-party apps with account access”, it may look like this:


  1. Click “Manage third-party access” at the bottom of the app list;
  2. If some of the apps are not used anymore, click the app, then hit “Remove Access”



  1. Click Profile icon, then select Settings & Privacy, alternatively, go to this link directly:;
  2. Select Account main menu;
  3. Click Partners and Services

  1. Remove services not to share your LinkedIn data with


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