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Two methods to secure your company data

Data Breach has become a growing problem concerning everyone. According to Risk Based Security, Compared to the mid-year of 2018, the number of reported breaches during same period in 2019 had gone up by 54%.

What can be done to alleviate the risk?

The security control involves technologies, also management. In a sense, management is more important.

We’re showing you two methods that you can use to ensure your company’s data security.


Review Access Control

No matter your company uses On-Premises File Server, or Cloud Storage, appropriate accesses need to be assigned to users.

For a small team, it’s common that everyone has access to every documents, every folder. If that’s what you do need, that’s fine. However it’s a good practice to tighten up the access. The less, the better.

If you do have a access control structure, bear in mind that the accesses likely are dynamic rather than static. Some users have accesses to some documents 3 months ago, however their duties have changed, they no longer need to access some of the documents. Those accesses thus should be invoked. Excessive accesses pose security holes.


User and password management

According to Varonis’s analysis in 2019,  38% of users never change their passwords; 50% of users are stale or inactive.

When a staff quits, the best practice is to disable his accounts everywhere. However the step might be overlooked, especially local computer accounts. A routine checkup would plug the security loophole.

Passwords should be changed regularly. The inconvenience for the staff are justified easily. Do the diligence, consider it as part of job duty.

Since passwords are changed in a regular base, the Password Management would be essential. The investment on this software is worthy it. There are open source software you can use, such as Keepass.

As you see, the management has more weight, when it comes to data security. When you partner with an IT Service company, such as Turbo IT Solutions, you don’t have to worry about problems like this.

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