Why Choose Turbo IT?

Our Services

IT Support & Services

  • Installation of Computers
  • Printers & Other devices
  • Router Switch
  • Wifi Installation

Managed IT Services

  • Network firewall deployment
  • Cloud Solutions
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Network Operations Center


  • Conference Rooms
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Auto Attendent/IVR
  • All of the features you need


  • Security Management Plan
  • Security Risk Report
  • Data Breach Liability Report
  • Network Secuirty

What Makes Us Different

Fixes Before Breaks

We advocate Managed IT Service, other than Break & Fix. Managed Service ensures data security and promotes productivity by reducing downtime and catching problems before they happen.

Response Time

When issues do occur, we respond promptly and fix issues quickly. There is no waiting for the next day or in a line of of clients. You can rest assure that if an issue arises it will be fixed as quickly as possible, leaving you little to no downtime.

Customized Plans

We build and plan your managed IT services to work with your business. Others will use the same template across many companies for a quick and cheap way to manage IT, this will leave gaps and cause issue down the road.

Proactive Follow Ups

Once a issue has been resolved or new hardware/service/software has been implimented our work is not over. We proactivly follow up with everything to do to ensure it is working the way it should.

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