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Your IT Inventory

Do you review your IT assets regularly? Some IT equipment can be leased, some services are cloud based, in these scenarios, they are not your assets, however it’s still important to know what you have or use.

If you have engaged with a Manager IT Service provider, such as us Turbo IT Solutions, they should’ve been managing your IT inventory. If you are on your own, this blog can help you out. Below information should be documented.


End user devices

computers, including monitors; printers

  • Get the vendor name and model of hardware;
  • write down the serial numbers – you may need this info when contacting the vendor for support
  • How about purchasing date? of course, you’ll know how long the hardware have been in service.


Software on user computers

  • The Operating System that your computers run. Windows? which version? Mac? write down the version, too
  • What application software are running on your computers? which version?
  • Licensing. are the software licensed by software key? document the keys; licensed by Cloud subscription? document the subscription info


On Premises Servers

If you have any, document the vendor, model, serial number, all software running on the server.


Network Infrastructure

If your router is provided by the Internet Service Provider, document the login information.

If you have network switches connecting to the router, document the vendor, model, serial number, firmware version, and login info

Access Points, document the vendor, model, serial number, firmware version, and login info



Document the service provider’s contact info, login info of service portal.


Cloud Services


Who is your domain registrar? document the login info


Who host your website? document the login info

Email Service

document the login info


document the login info

Other cloud services

Such as Quickbooks Online, your servers provisioned on AWS



Who can help you out with complex IT issues? Write down the contact info, such as Turbo IT Solutions, 604.757.9823. Even if you haven’t used the service of particular IT company, we suggest you write down a few names, watch how they are doing. Better than googling a phone number in emergency.


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