IT Services

Managed IT Services

As IT “doctors”, we believe in proactive checkups and routine maintenance, all these activities reduce the odds of failure and promote productivity.

When customers report issues, we talk with the user via phone. We usually respond in less than 30 minutes, even 10 minutes.

We are proactive rather than reactive:

  • We respond to customer requests quickly
  • We keep improving systems other than simply putting out fires
  • We follow up

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services have become a key part of IT infrastructure for modern businesses. For small businesses, Cloud Services likely are the bigger portion compared with on-premises IT.

What do we help on Cloud Services? We set them up for you.

When we manage Cloud Services for you, you no longer need to deal with Cloud service providers constant change.

The most popular Cloud services we offer to our clients:

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Azure
  • Google G Suite
  • Cloud backup

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Network Development Services
People are getting consulting services

IT Consulting

  • You have an established IT infrastructure and want to make some improvements
  • You plan to implement some IT systems, Cloud or On-Premises, and want professional advice
  • You are opening a branch, thus need to set up an IT infrastructure entirely.

We can help you. 

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Network Deployment

Businesses always need IT devices running in the offices, such as:

  • computers and printers, of course;
  • switches and Access Points to provide wired and wireless connections respectively;
  • router to connect local network to Internet;

We deploy all these devices, and more.

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IT Services Vancouver
Cyber Security Assessment

Security Assessment

It can be stressful not knowing how secure your business is on the internet. Having a full report and analysis done by Turbo IT can give you and your employees the peace of mind.

We create full analysis reports for you and your team so we can help fix problem areas fast.

Reports include:

  • Security Risk Report
  • Security Management Plan
  • Consolidated Security Report Card
  • And Much More!

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Business Phone

Our phone service is hosted in the cloud. With servers deployed in multiple locations across North America, mature VoIP technologies, our phone service is reliable as the industry can offer.

Some features:

  • Simplified plans. Unlimited National Calling, unlimited North American Calling. Talk with your customers as long as necessary, without worrying about costs on phone calls.
  • Our phone service plans are based on user rather than lines. A user can get multiple calls, put some on hold, switch between the calls, there’s no extra charge for this.
  • Keep Your Number. In most cases, your current phone numbers can be kept, we simply migrate (port) them from your current carrier, all is needed is your recent phone bill. Both local and toll-free telephone numbers can be ported.
  • And Much More!

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VoIP Business Phone