Managed IT Services

Customized IT System Management

It can be very time-consuming to troubleshoot IT issues; Not only that, IT downtime are costly. Most business owners prefer to spend their precious time to develop more businesses, to manage daily operations, other than handling IT matters.

People see doctors on a regular basis for routine checkup, because this gives them a peace of mind. As IT “doctors”, we believe in proactive checkups and routine maintenance, all these activities reduce the odds of failure and promote productivity. By monitoring the health and performance of your network, we identify and fix issues before they get bigger.

Technologies are tools for businesses. Like any tools, IT issues do arise. When customers report issues, we talk with the user via phone, ask questions, get clarification, quite often we resolve the issue during the same phone call. We usually respond in less than 30 minutes, even 10 minutes.

We may ask the user to share her computer screen to investigate and fix the issue.

After issues are fixed,

  • we apply fixes if the issue was caused on back end;
  • we share the tips with all users if the issue was caused by improper use;
  • we follow up with user in a few days.

That’s how we manage IT for our clients, it doesn’t matter whatever technologies we work on, it’s the way we support our client that makes a difference.

In summary,

  • We are proactive rather than reactive
  • We respond to customer requests quickly
  • We keep improving systems other than simply putting out fires
  • We follow up