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5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

Traditional phones are no longer convenient for small businesses. As technology expands and grows faster every day, we should demand more from our office phones. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones are the best way to handle calls for your business. Below are the reasons why to switch to VoIP telephones!

Easy Changes

Changes are always quite polarizing, especially when it comes to technology. One of your main concerns might be the cost of new technology. Good news is, the new technology most likely works with your current office phone! All you need is a phone called an IP phone. Virtually every office phone nowadays is an IP phone, so unless your phone is older than you, the upgrade is easy!








Bringing New Features to Your Business

With VoIP phones, you have many more ways to keep in contact with your clients. For instance, VoIP phones are able to connect multiple phones, so if somebody calls you when you’re out of the office, it can redirect to your cell phone! If you need to listen to a voicemail out of the office, voicemails can also be emailed to you so you can respond to them as soon as possible!

Customers Get What They’re Looking For

One of the features that benefits clients is call directory. It can be quite infuriating for customers when they have to be put on hold and go through a bunch of different connections to get to the answer they need. With Call directories, customers can reach the specific person or team they’re looking for. If they want the sales team, or the IT department, or even just to speak to reception; those features can be set up to make their customer experience better!









Free Calling Features

Traditional phone plans are quite limited in extra features. If you want more features for your telephone, you usually have to pay more for those features. With every VoIP plan however, things like Voicemail, Caller ID, call forwarding and other features are completely free!

Less Business Related Costs

Since VoIP calls are over the internet, your calls are now significantly less expensive. International calls can now be significantly cheaper, as your phone number can be reached or used on online services such as Skype. VoIP telephones also do have international plans, for significantly cheaper ($50/month savings compared to traditional plans)

Through these tips, we hope that we can make your business better! If you have any questions about how VoIP works, or want to sit down for a meeting to discuss more VoIP solutions in detail, please get in touch through our social media or homepage.

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