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6 Signs Your IT Company Needs to be Replaced


Information Technology can be a very confusing industry, especially for small businesses. All technology experiences slow down and technical problems, but how do you know when to switch to a new IT company? With these 6 tips, we’ll guide you through when to make that important switch.

They’re Not There for you or They’re Late When you Need Them Most

In times of a crisis, you want your IT provider to solve your issues quickly. If your business has a problem with their IT infrastructure then you are losing precious time. IT providers are supposed to be there to support your business in times of need, and if they can’t get to you as soon as possible, they’re not doing their job effectively. If your IT provider takes more than 24 hours to come to fix your problem, then it’s time to switch to a new IT business.

Uses Overly-Technical Language to Dismiss Your Concerns

In the world of IT, it is normal to be concerned and ask questions if you feel something is off.  Since Information Technology is very technical, IT providers should explain concepts in a very simple easy to understand manner. If your IT provider is using too complex of a language to talk to you, they could be trying to avoid answering your concerns or even try to get more money out of you. Business relationships are built on trust and effective communication, so if your IT provider is not explaining your infrastructure problems to you, it’s time to switch.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring is not Happening

   Mistakes are bound to happen in your IT infrastructure. Since it is so complicated and technical, any number of issues can happen. A good IT company should be continuously checking your IT infrastructure so they can be proactive instead of reactive. If your IT company is not continuously checking your IT infrastructure, then that presents a risk to your company. If your infrastructure doesn’t work, you’re losing business time. If your IT providers are not continuously checking your systems, then it’s better to switch to an IT company that does.

Your Technology Budget is not Consistent

Since IT services are a continuous support service, the budget for it should be fairly consistent. When there are emergencies, you will have to pay a little more for the fix.  If you find your technology budget is fluctuating and varies deeply each month, it’s time to switch. Whether the IT company is taking more money than needed, or they are purposefully making faulty IT systems, you should be able to have a fairly consistent technology budget.

Your IT Company Feels Like a Stranger

As said earlier in this blog, business relationships are about trust and effective communication. Since IT is such an integral part of a business, your IT providers should be communicating with you quite frequently to address any issues or make sure that your IT systems are doing ok. If your IT providers are not communicating with you, it’s hard to know if there are problems with your systems.

You Don’t Get a Fast Response or any Response From Your IT Provider

Handling your IT infrastructure on your own is very time-consuming and confusing. If you have questions or have issues, your IT provider should be there to answer your questions or concerns. If your IT provider can’t be there for you in times of need, or they can’t answer you quickly, it’s time to switch to a new IT service provider.


We hope that through this blog post, we have helped you think more critically about your IT providers. IT is integral for a business to succeed in today’s market, so we wanted to make clear what to expect out of your IT company. If you would like to learn more tips that will help your small business, follow us on social media or visit our website down below!

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