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An anatomy of Troubleshooting

We have one client, we support their Office 365 among other services. The smartphones are exception, since most users in this company don’t use company smartphone.

Last week , One user was trying to set up business email on her smartphone, as she is going for vacation. She has come across an issue while setting up work email on her iPhone.

Although smartphone support is out of scope of service agreement, we went extra mile by helping this user resolve the issue.

When the user tried to login to her business email account, an error popped up, claiming that Microsoft Account does not exist.

We asked her to launch a web browser on her PC, go to type and login with same credentials to office 365 account, this can verify that she was using correct credentials (error not caused by typo). This way she can see for herself the correct set of username and password.

The user successfully logged in on her PC web browser. By this point we knew that username and password are correct, but something is going wrong on her smartphone.

We had further dug into the issue and asked her to switch off her phone and restart it again to make sure that the issue is not associated with any other app. After restarting phone, the issue persists.

Finally, we asked her to send the screenshots of the issue that she encounters. We noticed from the screenshots that she chose wrong category on the iPhone’s builtin email app. She chose other than Exchange. is the free email service provided by Microsoft, people often mix it up with Outlook. Outlook is part of Microsoft Office Suite, it’s a commercial software. When adding Office 365 email account on iPhone’s email app, the category should be Exchange, because Office 365 is literally Cloud version of Exchange.

Knowing where the issue is, the user was able to add her work email account on her smart phone now.

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