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Email Smart

Email has become a critical communication channel especially for businesses. Email is convenient, the service is inexpensive for business, usually free for personal use. The down side is that we get so many emails every day. Too many is just as bad as too little. How can we make the best use of Emails? We’ll show you a few tips to Email Smart!


Separate business email and personal email

Personal email service, such as Yahoo, and gmail, may service your business all right, however email address with your business domain, such as user @, make you look professional. Your domain is your business’s digital identity, you’d want it to be known, too.


Use general and individual email accounts differently

You may announce info @ or sales @ on your website, which is a good idea. It’s easy for your visitors to remember. Your staff come and go, however these general email accounts stay the same.

What email address would you print on your business card? Most of the cases, we think it’s better to announce your individual email address, such as John.Doe @ Your contacts want to send email to you, yourself only, an individual email account naturally indicates the ownership. Conversely, a general email account, such as sales @, likely is monitored by a team.


Email Alias

Suppose one staff, Jane, wears multiple hats in your business. She monitors ap @ and accounting @, and she is the only person to monitor them. You can create multiple separate email accounts for her, of course. However, isn’t it a waste of money? more email accounts require more licenses. One way is to create aliases “ap” and “accounting” for her individual email.


Filter and label

Most email services, if not all, provide some features to organize emails, for example, incoming emails can be sorted automatically according to the rules you defined. For example, Jane has a filter rule, all emails sent to ap @ will be labeled Accounts Payable. The benefit is self explained.

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