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Make Your WiFi Faster

WiFi is really common nowadays. It exists pretty much everywhere, especially in an office environment. People like to work on laptops and be mobile in the office. Therefore, the WiFi performance is really important to boost your efficiency and productivity at work. Slow or unreliable connection is basically unacceptable for any fast-pace businesses. If you constantly feel frustrated because of your WiFi performance, here are some tips that you can use.


  • Location of Access Points or Router with WiFi capability

The location of the access point devices or the router is crucial because the WiFi signal can be interfered with the nearby furniture or other electronics. A lot of small and medium businesses usually just try to keep their small offices clean by putting the network equipment out of sight. Some people hide the devices in the closet and some mount them on the wall  in the back room at the office.

If access point is used for wireless connection, the access point devices should be mounted on the ceiling where people usually use their devices wirelessly, such as conference rooms.

If the router is enabled for WiFi as well, you should pick a central or ideal location for the workstations that use wired connections without running too much unnecessary Ethernet cables in the office.


  • Separating Guests WiFi from Staff WiFi

This practice actually can provide two advantages. Allowing your guests in the guest network can limit the amount of bandwidth your guests consume. Therefore, the network traffic from your guests will not affect the stability of the network traffic for staff.


  • Coverage

Even though the locations of the access points seem okay, you still cannot see the WiFi signal with naked eyes. There are software or even mobile phone apps that can perform a WiFi site analysis and help enhancing the signal coverage. NetSpot and WiFi Signal Strength Meter Network Monitor are some good example tools.


  • New Internet Provider with Fiber Optic Option

If your internet is slow overall, you may want to look into your internet provider and see what kind of data transmission medium the provider uses. A lot of office complexes and buildings still use traditional copper cable for data transfer.

However, fibre optic is getting popular and accessible nowadays. There are many local companies installing and expanding fibre optic networks in lower mainland. One of easiest ways to know if the fibre network is available in your office area is to check their websites. Novus, UrbanFibre, and Telus PureFibre are some go-to Fibre internet providers in the Greater Vancouver area.

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