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To Upgrade a Router

When should you consider to upgrade the router in your office?

  • the old router died – of course!
  • slow. this usually happens to Wireless router, you old router’s WiFi standard is old and yields slow connections.
  • its manufacture stopped releasing new firmware for this model. the chance of exposure of security vulnerability get bigger each day.

For a rather large network, your router is probably an enterprise grade, it’s too complicated, an IT specialist has to do it for you.

If your office has less than 20 computers, chances are your router is designed for SOHO, you might be able to do the upgrade yourself.

We have a few technical points for you.


What routers to choose

You may get a wireless router to keep setup simple, however we encourage you to separate router and wireless function, especially when your office space is rather large. Get 1 or more enterprise grade Access Points, place them in appropriate spots so that wireless receptions for all laptops and smartphones are optimal.



Basic networking

If your Internet service provider assigns a static ip address, you’ll have to configure it manually. If the ISP bind the ip address with MAC address, you either clone the old router’s MAC, or call ISP, and tell them that you got a new router.

For LAN interface, simply configure the same ip address as old router.


Wireless / WiFi

Use the same SSID (WiFi network name) if possible

Use newer encryption AES, other than TKIP

For more info regarding WiFi, check out this blog:




We suggest you turn it off.

Port forwarding & firewall policy

Mirror the same settings as old one. Different routers likely have different interfaces and syntax, make sure you understand the purpose of what you are doing.

VPN pass through

You likely had this configured, so that your computers can establish vpn to a server elsewhere. mirror it.

VPN server

If your old router acted as VPN server, so that your staff can access documents stored in the office, you need to do it on the new one.

VoIP helper

VoIP phones are very popular in modern offices. You’d think they plug & play. Quite often so, however the router in your office plays a big part. If your VoIP phones encounter issue after a new router is installed, check up these settings.


it’s often a troublemaker. Most VoIP providers ask (not suggest) customers to turn it off.


often a troublemaker, too. Turn it off

UDP timeout

Increase it to 90-120 seconds, if not yet


It prevents the call streams to be overwhelmed by other network traffic.

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