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Windows 7 Support End of Life

You have less than a month!

The mainstream support for Windows 7 is going to end on January 14, 2020. Here are some tips you can use to prepare for the end of support and don’t worry because you are not alone. There are millions of workstations still running on Windows 7 in the world. Although your Windows 7 still works, you should upgrade it.


So… Why is Microsoft ending the support for Windows 7?

Every software or hardware has its own support life cycle. Microsoft made a commitment to provide a 10-year period product support. This also allows Microsoft focus on supporting newer and better technologies, such as a new operating system that gives users better performance and experience.


Can I still use my Windows 7 after January 14th, 2020?

Yes, absolutely! The end of support does not mean that your Windows 7 would stop working. According to Microsoft, your computer will still function but Microsoft will no longer provide the following:

  • Technical support for any issues.
  • Software updates.
  • Security updates or fixes.

Although you could continue to use your PCs running Windows 7, it would be at greater risk because of the discontinued software and security updates.


Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

You should! Upgrading your computers to Windows 10 is the simplest solution which is also recommended by Microsoft. However, not all computers have the minimum capabilities for Windows 10 upgrade. Another option will be buying new PCs that are equipped with the latest operating system.

Whether upgrading Windows on existing computer or buying new computers with Windows 10 loaded, either might be feasible giving your own situation. Today’s computers tend to be equipped with lots of horsepower. If you purchased your PCs right before the release of Windows 10 and the specifications of your hardware are still good enough, you could keep the hardware. In this case, it is an option to upgrade Windows 7 to 10 on your existing computer hardware.

Microsoft has a guide that can help to find Windows computer specifications and system requirements.


How do I upgrade my PC to Windows 10? Is it free to upgrade from 7?

If your PC is compatible and has Windows 7 installed, you can simply purchase the full version of Windows 10 on Microsoft’s website. There are 3 versions for different types of users. They are Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstations. Windows 10 Home is best for personal or household use. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations are for small or medium businesses that need more enhanced functionality.

Unfortunately, the free upgrade promotion has already ended on July 29, 2016.

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