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IT Consulting in Vancouver

How we help

We learn about your business–culture, mission statement, motivation, concerns, and roadmap. 

We analyze your existing IT infrastructure and strategy, propose tailored solutions to optimize and streamline them.

We bring together diversified Information Technologies, Cloud-based or On-Premise, such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Cisco network devices, and make sure they support your existing processes, more importantly, drive your business to grow. 

We then select the right products, offered by vendors we have worked with and trust, we make sure they meet your business needs and at the same time are affordable.

Our senior consultants possess decades of experience in IT Consulting. Besides abundant IT knowledge, we have a good sense of technology trends. 

We talk about Information Technologies in plain language that business executives can understand.

Areas we serve





How we work

Our solutions are goal-oriented. Small businesses want to achieve something out of the solutions we propose, such as better productivity. Technologies do not just look nice; they need to work for your business.

We keep implementation in mind, although we may not be the team that implements the solutions. Factors that are taken into consideration may include company culture, readiness for change, training, and collaboration, etc.

At Turbo IT Solutions, we consider ourselves as our clients’ partner, by working with us, you get more than our IT consultants’ knowledge and insights, you have us as a partner who thinks of your business interest.

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