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Your IT Inventory

Do you review your IT assets regularly? It’s important to know what you have or use. This blog can help you out on what information should be documented.


To upgrade a router

Are you planning to upgrade the router for your office network? This blog shows you what to consider when choosing the router and configuring it.

Video meetings: Zoom or Teams?

As more and more people work from home, largely due the covid-19 pandemic, video meetings get more popular. Zoom and Teams are two major players on the market. Here is a brief introduction of both to give you a big picture.

Password Manager

Passwords have become the common practice to secure our information or even authenticate who you are. At the online era, everyone has countless user names and passwords, how to manage them? Password Manager is the answer.

IT Policy

IT Policy gives staff a guideline on what they can or can’t do at workplace. This blog introduces a few key points to help you compose such policy.

Make Your WiFi Faster

WiFi is really common nowadays. It exists pretty much everywhere, especially in an office environment. People like to work on laptops and be mobile in the office. Therefore, the WiFi

Email Security

Email plays important role at workplace. How to make sure your email accounts are safe? There are lots of ways to help, we are introducing a few as a start.

Domain Name

A domain name is an ID of your business on the Internet. It’s needed for your business website. Another common use of domain name is business email service.

Email Smart

Email has become a critical communication channel. We get so many emails every day. How can we make the best use of Emails? We’ll show you a few tips to Email Smart!