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Email Smart

Email has become a critical communication channel. We get so many emails every day. How can we make the best use of Emails? We’ll show you a few tips to Email Smart!

Windows 7 Support End of Life

The mainstream support for Windows 7 is going to end on January 14, 2020. Here are some tips you can use to prepare for the end of support and don’t worry because you are not alone. There are millions of workstations still running on Windows 7 in the world. Although your Windows 7 still works, you should upgrade it.


Office 365: How to Unsend an Email

The moment you click big “Send” button on Outlook, you realize that

1) You sent the email to wrong person;

2) You said something you shouldn’t have said.

Your regret could be caused by either or both reasons. We humans make mistakes. What could be done to mitigate the damage?


How do you evaluate these suspicious-looking emails and protect yourself from malware or being scammed? Turbo IT Solutions is here to help you!

5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

Traditional phones are no longer convenient for small businesses. As technology expands and grows faster every day, we should demand more from our office phones. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)